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  • Main city: San Juan de Pasto (called the Surprise City, because of the vast number of sites of interest), capital of the Nariño department.
  • Population: 1.700.000 Aprox. 
  • Geographical location: between 00º31’08’’ and 02º41’08’’ north latitude and 76º51’19’’ and 79º01’34’’ east longitude.
  • Surface area: 33.268 km2 (2.9 % of the national territory)
  • Borders: In the north with the Cauca department, in the East with Putumayo, in the south with Ecuador and the Pacific Ocean in the west.
  • Administrative divisions: The department is divided into 62 municipalities, 230 villages, 416 police inspectorates, a number of hamlets and relatively populated areas.

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