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Interesting Statistics

 The following table illustrates some of the statistics related to coffee growing in Nariño. If you wish to consult more detailed information on the characteristics that make Café de Nariño unique, visit our Only for Experts section or take a Coffee Journey - Virtual Trip to Origins® to enjoy and understand what makes our coffee so different.

Figures for Café de Nariño updated as of July 2010

Number of coffee growers


Number of farms


Hectares of coffee


Average hectares per coffee grower.

0.92 hect. 

Average hectares of coffee per farm.

0.64 hect. 

Number of coffee growers with less than one hectare. Hectare


Number of coffee growers with between 1 and 5 hectares


Number of coffee growers with  more than 5 hectares


Number of hectares  growing Caturra variety (date)


Number of hectares  growing Colombia variety (fecha)

6.780 hect. 

Number of hectares  growing Tipica variety (fecha)

1.262 hect. 


Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia 2010.

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